Known as Guanabana, Annona Muricata, soursop or guayabano, graviola This tree is said a miracle because of its healing effect. It has a large green fruit with white pulp. This fruit not only has a good taste, it has high medicinal value that is unknown to others. Guayabano has healing properties that can help treat bacterial infections, fungi infections and intestinal parasites and most especially it may treat cancer. This statement has been supported by research studies.

A known to be a miraculous fruit, soursop or guayabano thru research studies found effective in treating cancer and some laboratory studies have shown it to be up to 10,000 times more effective than a traditional chemotherapy said a guide at Florida fruit and Spice Park, which grows a tropical plant to study. This is due to the presence chemical properties known as Adriamycin, the study showed. The seed also has been used as a treatment for nausea and vomiting but not in excess due to its toxicity. More information can be read in many websites about this miracle tree.

Graviola fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals:

·    Carbohydrates

·    Calcium

·    Thiamine

·    Niacin

·    Fiber

·    Phosphorus

·    Riboflavin

·    Iron

·    Vitamin C

Guayabano is a fruit comes from a graviola tree, a delicious soft thorny like green fruit. The graviola tree grows in tropical areas like the Philippines and South America. Other parts of graviola tree also used as medicinal purposes like the bark, roots, and leaves. When ripe, presents itself with dressy bright green skin covered with spikes, soft to the touch. This fruit is filled with vitamin C, B and other essential nutrients. I used to climb this tree during my childhood to pick ripe fruit whenever. It is very convincing reality that not anyone in areas with this fruit tree who has cancer problem. This is the reason why up to now I used to drink boiled leaves of this miracle tree, used in place of tea alternately. To provide more effects, it’s essential to use a tablespoon of honey to sweeten a glass of boiled leaves. It is very effective as honey also possesses high medicinal value.

This fruit has been very popular nowadays as it has so many articles in the internet featuring about its medicinal effects. I have had proof of it since I started using the same as an alternative medicine.

In the very early days of my childhood, this fruit is very common in our area that sometimes just let it befell to the ground from ripen especially at rainy season. This time has been comes very valuable that it is now very expensive in the market and bought by per kilo while before can only asked for free, perhaps it is due to becoming popular by its medicinal value in the internet.



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