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There is a lot of information nowadays on how to improve your health. Typing one single word will give you a lot of answers from your browser in the internet in anything you need to know about your health. In the case of searching information about healing or a restoration of health from a disease, from herbal to conventional, a lot of answers that is resulted to confusions as thus information had every reason to believe whether real or misleading. They have their own advocacy whether from a commercial purposes for a product of their own or for a big commercial company. The reality is that most of these are often purely commercial.

To get to better health, you have to take action immediately especially if you have something that bothering you, say an illness that is really uncommon to you or something that is not always happen to, or say something symptoms that‘s always come again and again which a suspicion of an illness or a particular health problems. The usual step of the person concerned is to take a medication that is usually bought from any over-the-counter even without any consultation for the prescription. This first step is the worst in addition to the side effects of these dangerous drugs can give in the long run, as self medication can even more dangerous to your health especially if you have no adequate knowledge about your health and medicine.

The best thing to do is to know the root cause in order to solve your health problem. If your last resource is to seek the doctor’s advice then make sure to at least go for a thorough adequate medical consultation and diagnostic process to help identify your health problem. Habitual drug frequency intake can cause dependency on it and in the long run needs a higher dosage as your body immunized for the drug, not to mention the side effects from the exposure to these drugs.

How to get a better health? There are too many questions on how to live healthy. What should to eat? How much protein and carbohydrates? Which are those foods are good for health?

I don’t profess to know the answer to every question out there. But I do know all the things being equal the simplest is most likely the right one.

FOR HEADACHE! Read to know the natural remedy

Headache can be very irritating experience especially in times that there are things to accomplish in a need of urgent. Here are some instant solutions on how to handle your headache.
There are so many factors that is may be causing your headache, starting from emotional to internal conditions such as congestion or may be symptoms of another trouble such as glaucoma, influenza or dehydration. The solution therefore is to evaluate your situation that may be causing the problem.
• Emotional thinking- Overuse of your brain emotionally can be a disaster and can cause a severe headache. Family situation maybe bothering you, tensions at jobsite by pressure thrown by your boss, all of which either can contribute create emotional headache until bedtime. It is called tensions headache. If someone such a friend creates an annoying environment causing your anger, talk to him right away and explain to find the solution. Accept it as his existence and as a challenge. Try to keep your environment as friendly as possible, treat people around you as a family if you can and that will provide a calm/happy feeling all the time.
• Hunger- Prolong hunger can cause headache due to muscle tension and low blood sugar triggering a tension headache. Your body lacks nourishment which causing your glucose level to lower than normal. Take control for your intake of high carbs diet in a meal as the immediate raise and rapid falling wreaks havoc on the body’s normal process. Increase your protein diet to combat this kind of headache. On the onset of this kind of headache take a spoon of sugar in a glass of water for a quick relief.
• Alcohol Intake- Drinking with friends on any occasion can fill with happy moments but hook up to the limit. Excessive drinking creates hangover and definitely a headache. Drink moderately to avoid extreme headache the next morning. If that is the case, drink young coconut water can give immediate relief.
• Migraine headache- Medical studies revealed that migraine headache can be very hard to diagnose and states that there is no specific test to confirm the diagnosis, studies told symptoms of migraine headache include severe painful headache, increased pain during physical activity, frequent temperature changes, among others. Reduce stress, drink plenty of water and have regular exercise can help minimize migraine headache.
• Sleep Disorder- Insomnia has been found to be very common cause of headache. People especially affected are those experiencing a lot trouble in life. Also those working in shift schedule from daytime to night time without enough rest at daytime, depending on how you can cope about your time of sleep. Sleep at night time is of course different at daytime and a change of shift schedule naturally is a cause of sleep disorder. Try not to take your daytime trouble at bedtime as it will keep you up thinking worthlessly. If you can’t get your sleep up to 30 minutes then go up and take a walk, read a book or do something boring until such time you will feel the need to go back to bed. Avoid foods that will keep you up such as coffee and cola drinks. Read health advices about foods for good slumber.

For all we know that habitually taking conventional medicine can have a negative effects to our health. Health professional did advices not to take medicine without any prescription. The medicine leaflets advices the same. Alternative Medicine has been becoming very useful these days. Keep updated reading health advices especially alternative medicine on net to avoid side effects from over-the-counter drugs.

High Blood Pressure: How To Cope With It ?

Hypertension is a medical term referred to High Blood Pressure, a condition in which part of the circulatory system rushes blood flow due to narrowing of the arteries otherwise known as atherosclerosis.

Hypertension is a popularly known as severe health problem and is extremely dangerous to anyone usually from the age of 40-45 and above depending on the person. If you are determined to have a high blood pressure, it is important to have a medical test to determine the risk factors.

Blood pressure is the measure of force of blood running against the wall of the blood vessel as the heart pumps. It is represented in two segment, the upper number as the systolic and the lower as the diastolic. Normal blood pressure reads less than 120/80. Either one or both can be higher or lower. According to medical studies, a systolic 120 or higher and a diastolic 80 or higher is considered a pre-hypertension and can have a higher chance to develop high blood pressure which at the range of 140 of systolic, 90 for diastolic or higher.


As we get older some are normally inevitable to develop a high blood pressure due to hardening or narrowing of the blood vessels thru atherosclerosis.

Factors that are causing High Blood Pressure may be unknown to anyone unless thorough medical diagnosis can be done, each one us has own lifestyle that may be contributing to the risk of becoming to Hypertensive. Lifestyle changes can play a great role to avoid:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle– means no enough physical activity to burn excess calories. It is said again and again that exercise is important for all of us… unfortunately, most people are lazy while other people don’t have enough information on the importance of exercise especially those working stationary all day such as in office which requires sitting most of the time.
  • Excessive smoking or exposure to second hand smoke. People don’t smoke exposed posed more danger than habitual smokers.
  • Being obesity and overweight– If you are overweight, your heart works harder to pump blood to the body.
  • Excessive sodium consumption– sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body.
  • Vitamin D deficiency– causes depression which is the major factor for cardiovascular diseases.
  • High level of alcohol intake– Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol causes raised blood pressure which is one of the most risk factor for having a heart attack or a stroke. Alcohol is thought to do this through its effects on the kidneys and the blood vessels. Increases in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking.
  • Stress– the effect of chronic stress on your mind, body, and heart are detrimental enough to warrant as much attention as confirmed risk factors like high blood pressure.
  • Unhealthy foods– Do not eat or limit unhealthy foods, means that you have to avoid foods high in LDL (bad) cholesterol such as fats from meat, choose lean meat instead. LDL (bad) cholesterol will accumulate in the arteries to form atherosclerosis.


Hypertension will not be present for days or months but in years, however, once after you have it and taken medication, you have to continue the maintenance, otherwise, consequences will have to follow. Prevention is better than cure, the more you are vigilant to your health, the better you will not regret in the end.

How To Maintain Your Good Vision?

Don’t take your eye health for granted. For all we know that without eyes, life is nothing. Your eyes help you all the way in life that without your eyes is hard for you to do anything, even blurred vision will start difficulties in life, so much if you are blind. Eyes help you to do your job, to go anywhere, to manage your surroundings and make us happy. You lost your vision then you lost almost everything, given the most important function, our eyes deserve the best care possible.


Below are simple things to protect your eyes to keep a longer good quality vision:

  • Read only in a bright light as reading with dim light will be a burden for the eyes. Your eyes will be easily get tired.
  • Keep the light on when watching television. The glare of your tv will focus direct to your eyes. Your position will also count not to watch when lying.
  • Use anti-radiation filter on your computer monitor. Pain or eyes in tears during reading on the screen monitor means something wrong, check with the optometrist.
  • Use your shade with AUV protection when driving on day sunlight.
  • Stop your work when your eyes feel tired and take rest for awhile.
  • If you have specs or contacts, use them. You don’t have to force your eyes to do the job.

Best food for good vision includes those that contain vitamin and minerals. Studies showed that nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acid, lutein, zinc and vitamin A, C and minerals help avoid age-related vision problems such as muscular degeneration. Eat foods that contain such nutrients regularly to overcome the possibility of eye damage when overused. Check the foods rich in nutrient that’s good for the eyes:

  • Green leafy vegetables- There are plenty of vegetables that are good for the eyes. Eating brightly colored vegetables in a well balanced diet can potentially nourish the eyes for good health and prevent early onstage of muscular degeneration such as spinach, lettuce, green bell pepper, broccoli and kale contain substances lutein and zeaxanthin which also protect the retina from damage.
  • Eat fruit regularly- red berries, kiwi, guava, grape fruit, orange, avocado and cucumber are all rich in vitamin A need by the eyes.
  • Carrots are abundant in Beta carotene, the anti-oxidant that helps reduce the risk of muscular degeneration and cataracts. These root vegetables come with wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants in ample amounts. Carotenes are converted into vitamin A in the liver. Beta-carotene is one of the powerful natural anti-oxidant that helps to protect body from harmful oxygen-free radical injury.  It also has all the functions of vitamin A for maintaining good vision, sperm production, epithelial integrity, and growth development.

How To Handle Stress

STRESS is the mother of all sickness. It is the body’s way to react to a challenge. We all know when we’re experiencing pressure from something that we can’t just put aside that disgusting feeling, we call it stress.  It is damaging situation to both physically and mentally.

However, stress can also be useful if in moderation as it become to educate anyone for future after the result of such an experience.

Because everyone reacts to pressure differently, we may not recognize the signs and so we fail to respond in a way that keeps us from tossing tension back and forth.


Stress is our body’s response to anything we perceive as dangerous, demanding or demoralizing. It triggers us to act aggressively, or flee the situation by denying and not taking any action or some other way set aside and say, “I don’t  want to think about it by now” but sometimes very hard to say that, especially if the situation is arduous.

However, even if the stress seems out of your control, you can still think to make sure those worst-case scenario have less impact on yourself and your family, assuming it will come to pass by soon.

When hit with someone else’s anxiety, don’t react immediately, take a deep breath for awhile to let go of tension and then choose on your options the response that most appropriate, instead say, “let’s talk when you’re ready.”

If you feel pain from someone’s behavior, don’t take a verbal argue personally, empathize to lessen your own agitation. Find something in his distress to agree so he feels you’re in his side.

Be a part of the group to help about the problem and don’t criticize unless you have a suggestion for the solution. Every problem has a solution and you can solve that if you will.

On the other side, problems remain unsolved will keep you annoyed in stressed condition. If someone has done some irritating about anything, speak to him immediately and talk any differences to solve the issue rather than keep it weighing heavily on your mind. That will ruin you, your sanity, and finally will affect to your health.