Facts about drugs


Global information has been manipulated by the pharmaceutical industries to support their fraud about drugs and protect their business. More than half a trillion dollars in profit yearly has been making by these big pharmaceutical industries, worst is that most of the victim has been from the middle class families and also the poor people who are not familiar with the dangers of side effect of the drugs.

The problem is that no enough information about the detrimental effects of these drugs but mostly only about the benefits that in fact cures only symptoms, not knowing the dangerous side effect to the health of millions of human lives.

It may not be so easy for everyone to understand why this industry is so bad, and unless enough information will be carried for proper dissemination to the public, the drug companies will continue to regain big profits thru organized fraud that it has been one of the largest profitable industries in our planet.

The pharmaceutical industry does everything to maintain most of the deadly diseases and avoid eradication in order to protect billions of dollars in markets.

Big amount of money is spent on research in order to manipulate public opinion around the globe by spreading false information about drugs.

Natural health approaches are the enemies of the pharmaceutical industries, though natural cure deserves to be the first priority because it prevent and control diseases.

Scientific breakthrough in research for vitamins has been awarded novel prices, yet all this knowledge has been banned from being applied in medicine in favor of the multi-billion dollar investment.

They are not patentable and less informed compared to the huge amount of investment propaganda by the pharmaceutical industries to influence the public.

The multi-billion dollar business of the pharmaceutical industry is synthetic drugs that are patented, in order to ensure huge profits from patent fees. Only newly invented synthetic molecules can be patented, which explains the toxicity and death rate in people taking these drugs.

Actually, it is not the individual drug nor the drug companies seem to be the culprit but the laws and principles. The pharmaceutical industry has built the largest fraud business in human history: it promises health to millions of people, but instead of providing better health, the drug industry delivers ever more diseases, because diseases are the economic basis for the existence of this investment business.

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