Fasting Tips For Better Health

Abstinence from any solid food and taking sufficient fluid to clean your system is what we call FASTING. Your body will cleanse itself systematically by flushing out most of the toxins accumulated through the fluid intake to wash not only the digestive system but all the body system as well. However, consider some risk especially to people with pre-existing health condition such as hypertension and diabetes are dangerous as it require a blood sugar regulation. It must be evaluated and supervised by a qualified health care provider. Lactating or pregnant women of course are not suited for fasting.


Fasting rejuvenates the body as it takes rest working to digest foods. It will restore enough rest and sleep. Sufficient rest and sleep is considered to be a big factor of recovery. In time of fasting, you can have a good rest, a good sleep as your organs take rest in working loads of food. However, to supply necessary nutrients, your body utilizes other energy deposit during the last stage.

Our body has sufficient reserves for sustaining the needs even for many weeks depending on personal health status. A well nourished man can live with water even in 40 days or more without food. In the first stage of fasting, your system takes the chance to remove waste matter and digestive residue accumulated inside the digestive track. While in the process of cleansing, your system will remove unnecessary elements such as toxins, excess fat, dead cells, fatty tissues and coating hardened on the intestinal wall that is accumulated since food begin to enter the body.

Most importantly the reason why we need to fast as mentioned above is the renewal of body processes by cleansing, detoxifying and purifying not only the intestines but also the blood and cells to lessen physical illness and boost energy of the body. The elimination of those waste materials optimizes the immune system to function properly thereby sufficient enough to create body resistance.

Other important benefits include good effects on your emotional and mental health. Mental anxiety and depression, pain in some parts of the body and even headaches can be present during the first stage of fasting however, after toxins are thrown out of the body then the brain is supplied with clearer bloodstream resulting it to working better.

During fasting, the body works in the rebuilding of damaged materials otherwise known as HEALING and this is resulted from eliminating toxic waste from the body, because of this, it is very important to have a good rest to give time for the system to heal itself both physically and mentally.

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