FOR HEADACHE! Read to know the natural remedy

Headache can be very irritating experience especially in times that there are things to accomplish in a need of urgent. Here are some instant solutions on how to handle your headache.
There are so many factors that is may be causing your headache, starting from emotional to internal conditions such as congestion or may be symptoms of another trouble such as glaucoma, influenza or dehydration. The solution therefore is to evaluate your situation that may be causing the problem.
• Emotional thinking- Overuse of your brain emotionally can be a disaster and can cause a severe headache. Family situation maybe bothering you, tensions at jobsite by pressure thrown by your boss, all of which either can contribute create emotional headache until bedtime. It is called tensions headache. If someone such a friend creates an annoying environment causing your anger, talk to him right away and explain to find the solution. Accept it as his existence and as a challenge. Try to keep your environment as friendly as possible, treat people around you as a family if you can and that will provide a calm/happy feeling all the time.
• Hunger- Prolong hunger can cause headache due to muscle tension and low blood sugar triggering a tension headache. Your body lacks nourishment which causing your glucose level to lower than normal. Take control for your intake of high carbs diet in a meal as the immediate raise and rapid falling wreaks havoc on the body’s normal process. Increase your protein diet to combat this kind of headache. On the onset of this kind of headache take a spoon of sugar in a glass of water for a quick relief.
• Alcohol Intake- Drinking with friends on any occasion can fill with happy moments but hook up to the limit. Excessive drinking creates hangover and definitely a headache. Drink moderately to avoid extreme headache the next morning. If that is the case, drink young coconut water can give immediate relief.
• Migraine headache- Medical studies revealed that migraine headache can be very hard to diagnose and states that there is no specific test to confirm the diagnosis, studies told symptoms of migraine headache include severe painful headache, increased pain during physical activity, frequent temperature changes, among others. Reduce stress, drink plenty of water and have regular exercise can help minimize migraine headache.
• Sleep Disorder- Insomnia has been found to be very common cause of headache. People especially affected are those experiencing a lot trouble in life. Also those working in shift schedule from daytime to night time without enough rest at daytime, depending on how you can cope about your time of sleep. Sleep at night time is of course different at daytime and a change of shift schedule naturally is a cause of sleep disorder. Try not to take your daytime trouble at bedtime as it will keep you up thinking worthlessly. If you can’t get your sleep up to 30 minutes then go up and take a walk, read a book or do something boring until such time you will feel the need to go back to bed. Avoid foods that will keep you up such as coffee and cola drinks. Read health advices about foods for good slumber.

For all we know that habitually taking conventional medicine can have a negative effects to our health. Health professional did advices not to take medicine without any prescription. The medicine leaflets advices the same. Alternative Medicine has been becoming very useful these days. Keep updated reading health advices especially alternative medicine on net to avoid side effects from over-the-counter drugs.

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