Guava- a medicine for numerous diseases

The source of good health and vigor can only begin in nature itself, a perfect and abundant way to restore health and vitality. The rich treasure of nature is the answer to most and every illness out there as a result of research studies, taking herbal and fruit juices as a remedy to cure illness, the alternative medicine.

There are fruits and plants that possess extraordinary healing power, one of them is guava. This fruit tree has useful ways to cure many diseases. A group of scientist at the Canadian University of Ottawa record of medical research was able to isolate from guava leaves the bioflavinoid “Quercetin” as well as 5 other important glycosides and confirmed that these properties are strong anti-spasm properties and is able to prevent breast cancer and stop growing of breast cancer cells. It states that all parts of this plant are high in medicinal value. Guava has high content on lutein as well as lycopene which are beneficial for eye sight. The research states that the leaves contain more medicinal properties than other parts.

During my childhood, my mother used to boil the leaves of this guava as medicine for drinking to cure diarrhea. It is also used for bathing of women recently giving birth of a baby. It is also used to boil the leaves to wash wounds of any kind including cuts of circumcision which can be easily healed.

Guava nowadays can be easily found anywhere in tropical countries where rain is abundant because the seeds can easily grow that even the birds can scatter the seeds thru stool and then grow by the rain. It can grow as high as 3 meter or higher depending on the soil.

The medicinal value and healing power of plants and other herbs are observed over a thousand of years. There are so many plants that are used as medicine in the ancient times and it was already proven by research studies. The only problem is that it can’t be patented.



For making stocks used as tea especially in countries where fresh guava is not available, young leaves are picked and dried in the shade and drying should be not over than 45 degrees. The dried leaves are then stored in any container to avoid humidity that is causing to develop mould. The dried leaves will be use for boiling as tea consumption in the future. For better taste and more medicinal value, a tablespoon of honey can be added. The stalk of guava can also dried for stock and boiled for future tea consumption of the same procedure. In tropical countries where guava tree is available, the leaves can be boiled as fresh and drink as herbal that is more effective.

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