High Blood Pressure: How To Cope With It ?

Hypertension is a medical term referred to High Blood Pressure, a condition in which part of the circulatory system rushes blood flow due to narrowing of the arteries otherwise known as atherosclerosis.

Hypertension is a popularly known as severe health problem and is extremely dangerous to anyone usually from the age of 40-45 and above depending on the person. If you are determined to have a high blood pressure, it is important to have a medical test to determine the risk factors.

Blood pressure is the measure of force of blood running against the wall of the blood vessel as the heart pumps. It is represented in two segment, the upper number as the systolic and the lower as the diastolic. Normal blood pressure reads less than 120/80. Either one or both can be higher or lower. According to medical studies, a systolic 120 or higher and a diastolic 80 or higher is considered a pre-hypertension and can have a higher chance to develop high blood pressure which at the range of 140 of systolic, 90 for diastolic or higher.


As we get older some are normally inevitable to develop a high blood pressure due to hardening or narrowing of the blood vessels thru atherosclerosis.

Factors that are causing High Blood Pressure may be unknown to anyone unless thorough medical diagnosis can be done, each one us has own lifestyle that may be contributing to the risk of becoming to Hypertensive. Lifestyle changes can play a great role to avoid:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle– means no enough physical activity to burn excess calories. It is said again and again that exercise is important for all of us… unfortunately, most people are lazy while other people don’t have enough information on the importance of exercise especially those working stationary all day such as in office which requires sitting most of the time.
  • Excessive smoking or exposure to second hand smoke. People don’t smoke exposed posed more danger than habitual smokers.
  • Being obesity and overweight– If you are overweight, your heart works harder to pump blood to the body.
  • Excessive sodium consumption– sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body.
  • Vitamin D deficiency– causes depression which is the major factor for cardiovascular diseases.
  • High level of alcohol intake– Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol causes raised blood pressure which is one of the most risk factor for having a heart attack or a stroke. Alcohol is thought to do this through its effects on the kidneys and the blood vessels. Increases in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking.
  • Stress– the effect of chronic stress on your mind, body, and heart are detrimental enough to warrant as much attention as confirmed risk factors like high blood pressure.
  • Unhealthy foods– Do not eat or limit unhealthy foods, means that you have to avoid foods high in LDL (bad) cholesterol such as fats from meat, choose lean meat instead. LDL (bad) cholesterol will accumulate in the arteries to form atherosclerosis.


Hypertension will not be present for days or months but in years, however, once after you have it and taken medication, you have to continue the maintenance, otherwise, consequences will have to follow. Prevention is better than cure, the more you are vigilant to your health, the better you will not regret in the end.

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