How To Handle Stress

STRESS is the mother of all sickness. It is the body’s way to react to a challenge. We all know when we’re experiencing pressure from something that we can’t just put aside that disgusting feeling, we call it stress.  It is damaging situation to both physically and mentally.

However, stress can also be useful if in moderation as it become to educate anyone for future after the result of such an experience.

Because everyone reacts to pressure differently, we may not recognize the signs and so we fail to respond in a way that keeps us from tossing tension back and forth.


Stress is our body’s response to anything we perceive as dangerous, demanding or demoralizing. It triggers us to act aggressively, or flee the situation by denying and not taking any action or some other way set aside and say, “I don’t  want to think about it by now” but sometimes very hard to say that, especially if the situation is arduous.

However, even if the stress seems out of your control, you can still think to make sure those worst-case scenario have less impact on yourself and your family, assuming it will come to pass by soon.

When hit with someone else’s anxiety, don’t react immediately, take a deep breath for awhile to let go of tension and then choose on your options the response that most appropriate, instead say, “let’s talk when you’re ready.”

If you feel pain from someone’s behavior, don’t take a verbal argue personally, empathize to lessen your own agitation. Find something in his distress to agree so he feels you’re in his side.

Be a part of the group to help about the problem and don’t criticize unless you have a suggestion for the solution. Every problem has a solution and you can solve that if you will.

On the other side, problems remain unsolved will keep you annoyed in stressed condition. If someone has done some irritating about anything, speak to him immediately and talk any differences to solve the issue rather than keep it weighing heavily on your mind. That will ruin you, your sanity, and finally will affect to your health.

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