Natural Guides To Lower Uric Acid

Uric acid is eliminated from the body thru urine, however in excess of it will accumulate in the blood, it can result in a condition known as hyper-uricemia and form crystals in the joints causing painful attacks known as gout. It usually affects men aged 30 and above depending on the lifestyle. It is noticed usually in the joints of feet in most cases which are caused by the excessive amounts of uric acid produced from the intake of food high in purine.  People at middle age depending on lifestyle normally do not suffer problems of gout, however older ones will be more prone as body system metabolism descent. Uric acid is a result by the breakdown of a chemical called purine. Overindulgence of food high in purine has been known to cause gout also known as gouty arthritis. To lower the chances of accumulating uric acid is to avoid foods high in purine as too much purine in the blood is the precursor to painful arthritis.


A diet low in purine helps decrease the accumulation of uric acid levels and while it is not a cure, it lowers the risk of recurring attacks of gout. According to research, drinking alcohol frequently increases the risk of a person getting gout. Most sufferers of gout are men as they usually drink more than women. Aside from alcohol, soft drinks and energy drinks elevate higher uric acid in the blood as they are high in fructose.

Foods high in purine include red meats especially fatty, all internal organ meats such as liver, kidney and gizzard. There are also veggies known to be high in purine. These foods must be minimized to avoid gout attack.

Meat is on top among others so consume meat in moderation. If in case, choose lean meat and remove fat as possible. Try to avoid red meat and choose white meat instead.

Seafood such as shrimps, crabs and lobsters and fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel, tuna, sardines is also high in purine that a gout patient should take in moderation.

Drink water a lot to help flush out unwanted toxins which includes acids in the body, increase intake of food high in carbohydrates and fruits high in water content is beneficial to prevent gout.

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