Natural Ways To Avoid Cancer

Some information in the internet says, we all have dormant cancer cells in our body “normally”. There are also conflicting issues that it is only a speculation. Whatever is real, the most important is for us to prevent existence of the disease since it is life damaging.

Humans experiences minor transformations in their DNA that accumulate resulting with a cell multiplying uncontrollably. Certain viruses assist in causing the cells to multiply, then form tumor and they may be benign or may be malignant.


Those malignant tumors are called cancerous and can easily multiply and grow out of control, while benign tumors, although they may cause swelling are not posing to cause alarm if treated early in the proper way.

Our body is provided with an amazing defense system, an anti-virus that continuously guard for good health, the immune system that acts to resist internal attack of harmful bacteria and viruses, however, if the immune system do not get proper nourishment, it becomes weak and can’t work properly resulting in frequent body infection, Illnesses we get from our own recklessness and unhealthy lifestyle.

Much poisoning of the body has been caused by the excessive consume of improper foods, such as meat, dairy products, sugar, white flour, white rice, with the use of liquor, tobacco, coffee, soda and all other chemically processed foods.

Fresh food builds good blood, where as unwholesome food builds a poor quality of blood.

Cancer will not develop where there is a pure blood stream and the body’s immune system is functioning at its optimum.

Our human body anytime may develop cancerous tumor that is caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Under normal conditions, our body’s immune system can destroy most of these cells before they are able to grow into a tumor. Sometimes the cancer cells are not detected properly by the immune system, or the immune system may not be working properly.

In such cases, the cells do then grow into a tumor. It is not clear how often each human develops such abnormal cells, but it is likely that every human undergoes this process from time to time.

Cervix cancer cells often escape from the immune system and develop into cancer. The immune system can be stimulated by vaccination, which prevents the development of atypical cells by helping the body develop immunity against the virus.

Remember, overall lifestyle is your greatest defense. Nutrition can help to cure cancer if carried together with the complete accessories of a healthy lifestyle. You need exposure to sunlight, enough sleep, a regular exercise, plenty of water, proper diet, clean air and prayer.

Have a regular exposure to the sun. With a light complexion start with fifteen to 30 minutes and gradually increase it to at least one hour a day.

Use no lotions, sunscreens and not to wear glasses while sun bathing as it is important for the ultraviolet light to get into the eyes, and glass of any kind will keep the rays out.

Dr. Hans Strander of Finland discovered that he could give interferon to terminal bone cancer patients and double the number of long term disease free survivors.

White blood cells in our bodies manufacture this wonderful interferon that can help so dramatically in cancer.

Sunlight is a great stimulus for increased white blood cell production and thereby increases the production of interferon.

Do not eat meat nor drink milk or any kind animal products. All these feed cancer cells to grow rapidly because they contain high protein and fat, which are the causes of Cancer.

High fat intake especially refined will increase the risk of cancer. Cancer cells develop easily in high fat diet.

Be moderate if not to eliminate canned foods as these are poured with preservatives.

Eliminate sugar and junk foods, smoking and drinking, these both damages your immune system.

Have a regular exercise, brisk walking is best of at least 45min. to 1hr in the morning in a place of good fresh air that is free from pollution.

Exercise will revitalize the immune system and cleanse the blood.

And most importantly, Eat raw food and live on a proper diet. Only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains are what you will be eating until your aids or cancer healing will come to progress.

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