How To Handle Stress

STRESS is the mother of all sickness. It is the body’s way to react to a challenge. We all know when we’re experiencing pressure from something that we can’t just put aside that disgusting feeling, we call it stress.  It is damaging situation to both physically and mentally.

However, stress can also be useful if in moderation as it become to educate anyone for future after the result of such an experience.

Because everyone reacts to pressure differently, we may not recognize the signs and so we fail to respond in a way that keeps us from tossing tension back and forth.


Stress is our body’s response to anything we perceive as dangerous, demanding or demoralizing. It triggers us to act aggressively, or flee the situation by denying and not taking any action or some other way set aside and say, “I don’t  want to think about it by now” but sometimes very hard to say that, especially if the situation is arduous.

However, even if the stress seems out of your control, you can still think to make sure those worst-case scenario have less impact on yourself and your family, assuming it will come to pass by soon.

When hit with someone else’s anxiety, don’t react immediately, take a deep breath for awhile to let go of tension and then choose on your options the response that most appropriate, instead say, “let’s talk when you’re ready.”

If you feel pain from someone’s behavior, don’t take a verbal argue personally, empathize to lessen your own agitation. Find something in his distress to agree so he feels you’re in his side.

Be a part of the group to help about the problem and don’t criticize unless you have a suggestion for the solution. Every problem has a solution and you can solve that if you will.

On the other side, problems remain unsolved will keep you annoyed in stressed condition. If someone has done some irritating about anything, speak to him immediately and talk any differences to solve the issue rather than keep it weighing heavily on your mind. That will ruin you, your sanity, and finally will affect to your health.

Improve Your Emotional And Mental Health

Emotional and mental health is somewhat critically important to everyone. If you are emotionally or mentally unstable, you can’t perform any job to the fullest because mental and emotional health defines your psychological well-being.

Your brain utter all procedures that you are going to do, what you are going to plan and what are going to happen in everyday of our life.

Being emotionally and mentally healthy, you can handle any untoward or frustrations, any obstacles in any proceedings and rewards a meaningful state of life, free of any depression or mental anxiety.


Being a good mentally and emotionally healthy means a happy life.

  • Practice a good nutrition. It is very important to have a good nutrition in order to maintain optimal brain function. It helps also avoid emotional disorder as some foods are interrelated to mood function, mental development and a sustainable nutrition. Your mind burns calories in every problem to tackle depending on the severity, the more you think, the more you burn calories and this is the reason why working on subtle solution can easily tend to feel hunger. 
  • Have a regular exercise. Have a routine exercise perhaps at least 30 minutes daily. A jogging with your pet or children or an alternate schedule to a gym is ideal. Keep a busy activity of your day to avoid mental anxiety and depression as these condition burns more calories as well. By this way you can also improve your physical fitness working at it in the same way as you can improve your emotional fitness, too. When you are bored, it is ideal to go for any kind of exercise according to your convenience and passion to improve your emotional wellbeing.
  • Take a good enough rest. Getting enough sleep most people needs seven to eight hours daily. Sleep is essential for energy, health, productivity, and emotional balance. Most people don’t get nearly enough sleep which is vital to everyone. Learning about sleep and healthy sleep habits can help you put a stop to nighttime problems and improve the quality of your rest and with it, the quality of your life. Enough sleep feels you refreshing and high esteem. Quality sleep provides good rest to rejuvenate from any internal and external problems along with the healing of any diseases.
  • Take a joyful Vacation. If your emotional health isn’t as solid as you’d like it to be, there’s a lot way out there you can do to relieve it, have a good vacation with your family or love ones and enjoy in beach resort to breath fresh air so you can have a good time to refresh and release all your mental tensions in a way to refresh your mind. Temporarily leave everything, go with your family to enjoy sights the beauty of nature in the open places such as the rice fields, the hills and mountains or a city trip to watch movies and have a lunch at a near food chain. It’s the best way to refresh the mind.
  • Make good relation to other people. Don’t let yourself take tension from others. If someone makes argue for something very annoying, talk to him right away to settle the problem rather than let it ruin your good relationship, It will leave you to a stressful night thinking about the problem, give them at first and the reward will be yours to come later. Learn how to accept other people in a broad mind to understand their existence and assume that it is real from their childhood, in that way, you’ll be friend to anyone then add to it is your peaceful mind.

Facts about drugs


Global information has been manipulated by the pharmaceutical industries to support their fraud about drugs and protect their business. More than half a trillion dollars in profit yearly has been making by these big pharmaceutical industries, worst is that most of the victim has been from the middle class families and also the poor people who are not familiar with the dangers of side effect of the drugs.

The problem is that no enough information about the detrimental effects of these drugs but mostly only about the benefits that in fact cures only symptoms, not knowing the dangerous side effect to the health of millions of human lives.

It may not be so easy for everyone to understand why this industry is so bad, and unless enough information will be carried for proper dissemination to the public, the drug companies will continue to regain big profits thru organized fraud that it has been one of the largest profitable industries in our planet.

The pharmaceutical industry does everything to maintain most of the deadly diseases and avoid eradication in order to protect billions of dollars in markets.

Big amount of money is spent on research in order to manipulate public opinion around the globe by spreading false information about drugs.

Natural health approaches are the enemies of the pharmaceutical industries, though natural cure deserves to be the first priority because it prevent and control diseases.

Scientific breakthrough in research for vitamins has been awarded novel prices, yet all this knowledge has been banned from being applied in medicine in favor of the multi-billion dollar investment.

They are not patentable and less informed compared to the huge amount of investment propaganda by the pharmaceutical industries to influence the public.

The multi-billion dollar business of the pharmaceutical industry is synthetic drugs that are patented, in order to ensure huge profits from patent fees. Only newly invented synthetic molecules can be patented, which explains the toxicity and death rate in people taking these drugs.

Actually, it is not the individual drug nor the drug companies seem to be the culprit but the laws and principles. The pharmaceutical industry has built the largest fraud business in human history: it promises health to millions of people, but instead of providing better health, the drug industry delivers ever more diseases, because diseases are the economic basis for the existence of this investment business.



There is a lot of information nowadays on how to improve your health. Typing one single word will give you a lot of answers from your browser in the internet in anything you need to know about your health. In the case of searching information about healing or a restoration of health from a disease, from herbal to conventional, a lot of answers that is resulted to confusions as thus information had every reason to believe whether real or misleading. They have their own advocacy whether from a commercial purposes for a product of their own or for a big commercial company. The reality is that most of these are often purely commercial.

To get to better health, you have to take action immediately especially if you have something that bothering you, say an illness that is really uncommon to you or something that is not always happen to, or say something symptoms that‘s always come again and again which a suspicion of an illness or a particular health problems. The usual step of the person concerned is to take a medication that is usually bought from any over-the-counter even without any consultation for the prescription from a good medical practitioner. This first step is the worst in addition to the side effects of these dangerous drugs can give in the long run, as self medication can even more dangerous to your health especially if you have no adequate knowledge about your health and medicine.

The best thing to do is to know the root cause in order to solve your health problem. If your last resource is to seek the doctor’s advice then make sure to at least go for a thorough adequate medical consultation and diagnostic process to help identify your health problem. Habitual drug frequency intake can cause dependency on it and in the long run needs a higher dosage as your body immunized for the drug, not to mention the side effects from the exposure to these drugs.

How to get a better health? There are too many questions on how to live healthy. What should to eat? How much protein and carbohydrates or whatever necessary nutrients the body needs? Which are those foods are good for health?

I don’t profess to know the answer to every question out there. But I do know all the things being equal the simplest is most likely the right one.

The Balanced Diet

A balanced diet means a diet that contains adequate amount of necessary nutrients required for a healthy growth and activity. In excess of a nutrient and a deficient with the other one is not a balanced diet.

Most people eat and drink too much fat, sugar, salt and never realize that in the long run can create a lot of problems to our health. To satisfy lust is enjoyment but in excess to the limit will invite to suffer the consequences. It’s important to have some fruit, vegetables, rice, fish and meat, and other foods in fresh that contains necessary nutrients such as fiber, fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin and minerals.

When it comes to a healthy food, balance diet is very important getting it right. Eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions preferably natural unprocessed food that is a product of nature which is still fresh and free of chemical preservatives to achieve and maintain good health.

Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. It must be approximately five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day to lower the risk of heart disease.

Protein is essential for growth and repair of the body. Meat, fish, eggs and beans are the good source. Meat is a very good source of protein and vitamin B12. They are also good sources of minerals such as iron, zinc and B vitamins. Try to eat lean cuts of meat and skinless poultry whenever possible to cut down on fat. Oily animal fats and dairy products contribute most to heart problems as it contains LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Fish is another important source of protein, and contains many vitamins and minerals. At least two portions of fish a week, including one portion of oily fish. Either a fresh, frozen or canned, but canned and smoked fish can be high in salt. Oily fish is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Eggs, beans and nuts are also great sources of protein and saturated fats but eat in moderation since they contain high levels of fat.


There is a saying that if you will not use it, you will lose it… A car needs to use and maintained regularly in order that parts will not get stuck-up and corroded, same as to our human body. Our muscles and ligaments needs regular exercise, our body needs to sweat to help flush out accumulated toxins. It is therefore necessary to drink water in the right amount to replenish our system.


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