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Moringa Oliefera, found to be the most nutrient rich plant on earth.

Moringa Oliefera has been the most nutritious plant as proven scientifically by research studies. Known as malunggay in the Philippines has been said to be a “Miracle Tree” because of its outstanding source of nutritional supplement and medicinal properties to treat many kind of diseases.
Research studies mentioned that moringa leaves have the calcium equivalent of four times that of milk, the vitamin C content is seven times that of oranges, potassium is three times that of banana, three times the iron of spinach, four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots, and two times the protein in milk.
Each part of moringa has been used for certain nutritional and medicinal purposes. It is mentioned that it contains 90 nutrients and 46 anti-oxidants that proves to be one of the most valuable herbal food because of its nutritional value and herbal medicinal plant as well.

Moringa Oliefera tree leaves are classified as belong to the family of green leafy vegetables and has been used widely anywhere in the world. Research studies found the leaves are a good source of vitamins A, C, and E, protein calcium and iron.
Oils are also extracted from the seeds to be used in the Natural Cosmetics industry.
Moringa Oliefera can be easily grown especially in rain abundant countries such as Asia and has been used as food almost around the world because of its nutritional value. It can be grown by seed or by stem cut about 3-5 ft. length planted in a high moisture soil but not wet. It can grow from overhead up to as high as 5-7 meter or even higher depending in the soil value.
Moringa- (malungay) has been used as herbal medicinal plant and considered internationally because of its proven research in nutritional value. It contains most vitamins such as in particular, essential amino acids, vitamins A, B complex, C, calcium, iron and protein. Studies have shown that moringa contains isothiocyanate that is an anti-cancer. It also helps in the treatment of prostate and skin cancer.
The green leaves of moringa or malunggay are essential in different menu with other vegetable mixed with some meat or fish by steamed or half-cooked dish. The leaves are even crushed and mix with liquid to feed infants. It is a good supplement for those nursing mothers to fight mal-nutrition. Moringa leaves also contain protein, calcium and iron which are vital nutrient for the body along with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making this as a miracle tree. If these amazing health benefits of moringa will be inform worldwide, mal-nutrition will be prevented.